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Song of Gaea is a children’s poem for all ages. A soothing, rhythmically rocking, lyrical picture book, it presents cosmology and evolutionary ecology in a mythic framework and offers a sustainable vision of the future.

Song of Gaea is a mystical paean to the spirit in Nature with an uplifting message: a loving call for humanity to live in balance with the Earth.

In 1970, three years before James Lovelock published his famous “Gaia Hypothesis,” Oberon Zell had a vision. He traveled back in time through cellular memory to the dawn of life on Earth: the first cell, Mother of All. He watched as life developed through all the stages of evolution before his wondering eyes. Gazing down from among the stars, he recognized for the first time the planet as a super-organism. “Now you know Me,” She spoke to him, as a mother unto a newly awakened child.

Over the five decades since then, Oberon has championed the awareness of Earth as Mother. He is well known for his sculpture “The Millennial Gaia” depicting Earth as Mother Goddess with evolutionary features etched over her body. He is also the Founder and Headmaster of The Grey School of Wizardry, an online educational institute dedicated to the pursuit of the ancient wisdom of the Earth. He met Kirsten Johnsen when she was a child playing with his stepdaughter. As a young woman, Kirsten began learning Earth Mysteries and mythology from Oberon. Thus began her life quest to engage and articulate an intuitive relationship with Nature’s vibrant soul.

As a mother herself, Kirsten bemoaned the lack of material by which she could convey the ever-present magic and mystery of Earth to her children. Her kids were growing up in a society infatuated with its technological advances and ever more divorced from the reality of the planet. Driven by her son’s insatiable curiosity about the nature of the Universe, she came one day to interview Oberon about his profound visionary experience of Gaea. Her desire to enliven science with spirit compelled her to ask her old teacher to retell the vision he has spent his creative lifetime communicating to the world.

Out of his tale a poem was born: “Song of Gaea.”

We are seeking imagery that can portray a vast landscape of poetic language: at once realistic but with creation magic pulsating throughout. Mystical elements (Grandmother Spider, Raven) interplay with evolution’s strange creatures, (trilobite, dinosaur); cosmic forces inspire and uplift, and the sensation of Gaea as a whole, living, loving Mother Being suffuses the reader. We want luminosity and detail, biological accuracy and mythopoeia, both the Source of Mystery and visions of a Sustainable Future.

We presented the Song of Gaea to a number of the finest artists we know in the worldwide magickal community, and quite a few responded that they’d love to create the 28 full-page color illustrations required, and can do them within a one-year period. After reviewing samples of all their work, we have chosen Sage Lampros as the artist who we feel could best produce the images invoked in Song of Gaea.

We are looking to publish Song of Gaea in a full color, large scale format illustrated children’s book. On this website we feature illustrations completed by Sage Lampros for the first two stanzas of the poem. We want to see all 26 stanzas represented in her artistic style, plus a beautiful cover illustration.

The purpose of this website is to raise donated funds to pay our illustrator and to share our special vision of our dear Mother Gaea.

OZ update 3.23.2020

A bit of a update from 2020. After completing perfect illustrations for the first two stanzas, our chosen artist, Sage Lampros, simply disappeared. She never responded to any of our efforts to reach her by email or phone.

At the same time, Kiri’s and my personal lives underwent considerable upheaval, with my lifemate Morning Glory dying in May of 2014, and we just had to put this project on hold. However, I did continue to search for another artist who could produce illos for the remaining 24 stanzas in a style compatible with the two that Sage had created, and at an affordable price.

Last year I finally found the perfect artist in India–Pratima Sarkar. She’s a professional illustrator of children’s books, and her audition sample for stanza 3 is a seamless continuation of Sage’s style in the previous ones. I’ve been working closely with her, doing my own tweaking of each piece to perfection, and now they are all completed. I think the whole set is magnificent, and you can see them all here.

I’ve also done a couple of diagrams and timelines for the back section of the book—an explanation of the science and mythology for parents and teachers. Kiri wants to update some of this text from her PhD in mythological studies, but the finish line is now in view!

I personally paid Pratima her $2,000 fee for her 23 gorgeous illos—which I need to get back. Next we’ll need to deal with production costs, as we’re now looking at self-publishing. For these expenses, we’ll need your support. Of course, anyone who donates more than $25 will receive a copy of the book when it comes out. I gotta say, you’re gonna love this–and so will your kids!

Brightest Blessings,

Oberon Zell

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